It’s October, and it’s hard to believe we are talking about record temperatures for the month.  We have had an early release on Monday and Tuesday, and just announced the same for tomorrow.  Please know our two main objectives are (in order): 1) the health/safety of our students and staff; and 2) the quality of instruction taking place in spite of the conditions inside of our buildings.  We know that any change to our schedule can have a profound impact on families, and we do not make these decisions lightly.  

Please make sure you ensure you student is drinking fluids while at home. Additionally, sending them with a water bottle to school can continue to keep them hydrated during the day.

With Thursday’s forecast now looking similar to the past few days, we will continue to monitor the conditions inside and outside of the classrooms. While it was after students left for the day, we have a number of classrooms in excess of 90 degrees. In today’s day and age, kids’ bodies simply struggle to cope with focusing and learning while under these conditions. We will make a determination regarding Thursday no later than 5 PM tomorrow.

With each day that results in early dismissal/closure, I also hear well-intentioned comments along the lines of “Why don’t we just put in window A/C units?”, or something to that end.  The reality is, our current electrical system cannot support the increased load. We occasionally trip circuit breakers while charging our Chromebooks. The other additional cost is that in order to re-do our electrical system, walls and ceilings would need to be altered which then brings up the problem and cost of dealing with asbestos and other issues which cannot be seen.

I bring this up because it is important to note that the cost of fixing this issue is larger than our current funds will allow.  I encourage you to follow our past discussions on solving this issue by going to this LINK.

Additionally, you can see how we propose to move forward with a solution by clicking on this LINK. Please continue to ask questions/stay involved in this conversation.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Ben Richards